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Change DPI Settings in Windows XP

If you the data appears shifted or jumbled up on the HUD-1, changing the DPI Settings to 96 DPI or normal fonts will correct the problem you are experiencing.

1. Click on Start then Control Panel.

2. If control panel is set at Classic View, then double-click on the Display icon which is shown below:

Windows XP Display Icon

Then go to Step 3.

Click on Appearance and Themes and then click on Display.

3. A box will pop up. Click on the Settings tab.  

Windows XP Display Properties

4. Click on Advanced.

Windows XP DPI Settings

Change the DPI setting to Normal size (96 DPI).  If you have the value set on anything else, text on the HUD-1 will look jumbled on the screen.

Click OK and your computer will ask you to reboot your computer.  Click Yes.

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