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Proof of Claim Software (Official Form 10, Revised 04/10)
Promotion Price: $69 95

Retail:  $89.95

Form B10 Bankruptcy Proof of Claim
Revised Dollar Amounts in
Official Form 10 effective April 1,

You must file a Proof of Claim form to claim a share of the proceeds generated from the sale of a bankrupt debtor's assets.

Proof of Claim Software streamlines the preparation and printing of Official Form 10.  The software accommodates the current, official bankruptcy form in an easy-to-use,interactive software system.  The printed form is ready to be signed and filed with the court.  Electronic filing is a breeze! Our Proof of Claim Software will reduce form preparation time and help you manage client information.

At only $69.95, it just makes common-sense to include this software in your professional tool-chest.

All of our software functions on any Windows operating system. The software functions on networks or stand-alone personal computers and is compatible with all printers.

We can have you working with the software the day it's ordered!  You can download the software from this website or we can e-mail you the software to get you started immediately.  If you order today, the CD and packaging  would arrive in 2-3 days by UPS.

Download our DEMO version from this website and see for yourself.

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