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CJA Billing Software
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CJA Billing Software standardizes and automates the itemization, documentation, auditing, and judicial review of appointed counsels' bills for representation under the Criminal Justice Act.

CJA Billing Software Form 20 Screen Shot

The primary purpose of the program is to shorten the time between doing legal work and creating a voucher for submission for in court services, out of court services and other expenses under the CJA program.  The software mimics each worksheet on the screen with proper individualized categories. Information is entered from your keyboard as it would be typed on the form itself.  All calculations are updated instantly as data is entered and a summary of category totals is reproduced with CJA form 20.  Much attention has been devoted to reducing the keystrokes needed to create a sufficient time entry for the voucher.

Hourly billing rates has changed many times over the past several years. The software automatically calculates the proper hourly rate for services and the applicable mileage rate for travel, based on the date of service. All of the billing information then populates to a Form 20 voucher, which can be printed and signed by the attorney. The billing file can be updated each time there is a change in the hourly rate.

CJA Billing Software prints the In-Court Services, Out-of-Court Services, and Other Expenses worksheets in landscape mode and CJA Form 20 (Authority to Pay Court Appointed Counsel) in portrait mode on plain 8 x 11 letterhead paper with any Windows supported printer. Print preview is built-in. The end-user has the option to print the entire bill or print interim billing statements.

Data entered may be stored/saved anywhere on your hard drive, to external diskettes or to a network shared drive as a .CJA file for quick retrieval.  Easily transport data from one computer to another or across a network. Data files are automatically compressed during each save.

Import the data from a .csv file format.  If you have the data in Excel or in a previous version of the software, we can guide you through the process of importing the data into this version.

Additional features include:

  • Sure-store client management system
  • Requires no setup.
  • Mimics CJA billing worksheets as well as CJA Form 20.
  • Easy interim billing.
  • Quick sort by date or number.
  • Category totals are automatically transfer to CJA voucher 20.
  • Option to create PDF files which can be transmitted electronically or eFax.

The software has a lot of other great features.  We also offer:

  • FREE Live Updates.  Keeps the software up to date.
  • FREE Technical support.  Within first year of purchase date!

You can download the software from this website or we can e-mail you the software.  When you order, we will mail out a CD with the software along with other titles.

All of our software functions on any Windows operating system. The software functions on networks or stand-alone personal computers and is compatible with all printers.

Free fillable PDF's of common CJA forms.

AO89  Subpoena in a Criminal Case
AO90  Deposition Subpoena in a Criminal Case
AO86A  Consent to Proceed - Misdemeanor
CJA 07  Order Terminating Appointment of Counsel and/or Authorization for Distribution of Available Private Funds.

CJA 20  Authority to Pay Court Appointed Counsel.
CJA 20A  Voucher Attachment
CJA 21  Request and Authorization For Expert and Other Services

CJA 23  Financial Affidavit
CJA 24  Request and Authorization for Transcript.
CJA 25  Notice to CJA Panel Attorney Regarding Availability of Investigative, Expert, and Other Services.
CJA 26  District Court - Supplemental Information Statement for a Compensation Claim in Excess of the Statutory Case Compensation Maximum.
CJA 27  Court of Appeals - Supplemental Information Statement for a Compensation Claim in Excess of the Statutory Case Compensation Maximum.

CJA 30  Death Penalty Proceedings: Appointment of and Authority to Pay Court Appointed Counsel.
CJA 31  Death Penalty Proceedings: Ex Parte Request for Authorization and Voucher Expert and Other Services.

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