Last Will & Testament Software

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A Last Will & Testament is a document which provides the manner in which a person's property will be distributed after death.

Quickly and easily create a Last Will and Testament as well as several other Estate documents.

Designed to be compatible with all word processing programs and runs on computers with Microsoft Windows. Simply answer questions on screen to tailor your estate documents.

All documents were created by a group of estate planning attorneys, for attorneys. These documents may be easily customized or edited as needed.

What documents can I prepare?
  • Last Will & Testament
  • Living Will
  • Advanced Health Care Directive (California)
  • Durable General Power of Attorney
  • Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care (California)
  • Medical Information Disclosure Authorization (HIPAA)
  • Medical Power of Attorney for Health Care/Medical Directive
  • Statement of Wishes
  • Tangible Personal Property Inventory Form


The Last Will & Testament software includes an auto complete feature which recognizes text as it is typed and then automatically recalls it later if/when necessary. This feature will save a tremendous amount of time and redundant typing, as names and addresses do not need to be entered multiple times.

One year of access our Live Update Server included with purchase. Download updates as they become available. Updates include product enhancements as well as document and form changes.

One year of access our Live Update Server included with purchase. Download Estate Planning Pro software updates as they become available. Updates include product enhancements as well as document and form changes.

Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA)

A recent federal regulation known as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regarding disclosure of individually identifiable health information necessitated the addition of a special release and consent authority to all healthcare providers before medical information will be released to agents and interested persons of the patients.

The effects of HIPAA are far reaching, and can render previously executed estate planning documents useless, without properly executed amendments, specifically addressing these issues.

As HIPAA effects not only new documents, any previously executed documents are affected as well. Any previously executed Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, Revocable Living Trusts, and certainly all Medical Directives now require HIPAA amendments.

Technical Support

One year of Technical Support included with purchase. We have an excellent database of notes, technical articles & tutorials to help make your experience with our software an enjoyable one. Submit questions via email or if you're still experiencing difficulty you may speak with one of our friendly and courteous support representatives.

Upgrade Assurance

One year of upgrade assurance: its like having an insurance policy for your software. If we release a new version within a year of purchase you are entitle to that update for FREE!

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All of our software functions on any Windows operating system. The software has been tested on Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, ME (millennium edition), XP, 2003 and Windows Vista. The software functions on networks or stand-alone personal computers and is compatible with all printers.

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