E-Filing (CM/ECF)

CM/ECF stands for Case Management/Electronic Case File. It is an automated system that allows bankruptcy courts to receive and maintain electronic bankruptcy case files. Registered attorneys can file documents 4 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There are 2 ways an attorney can electronically file a bankruptcy case:

1. Case Upload

This is the short way. Our bankruptcy software will create 3 files namely the debtor and creditor files in notepad and a PDF of the petition, schedules, statements, means test and any other forms to be included.

The above link has step-by-step screen shots on how to prepare and efile using case upload.

2. Open New BK Case

This is the long way. Here you essentially fill out much of the case online. You submit data and continue through a petition and then upload the rest of the schedules, statements, means test and other forms as PDF.