What does “Not a Valid Win 32 application” mean? How do I resolve?

When you click on "Check for Live Update", the software will check and then download a copy of the
latest version from our internet-servers if a new version is available. If, for some reason, the live update does not download completely, then the
error "Not a Valid Win 32 application" will arise.

To resolve, click on Start then Run and type explorer. <b>Click Ok</b> and a window will popup
(which is windows explorer). On the left-hand side,

Click on My Computer<br>
Then click on Local Disk (C:)<br>
Then click on Bankruptcy Software

You will see lots of folders and files. You should see a file that says Version.txt ; delete that file. Then double-click on the file LiveUpdate.exe and let the bankruptcy software run a live update again.

You can also reinstall the software from our website.  That will provide the most current version.

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