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What does "Publisher could not be verified" mean?

When you click on a Download Demo button and begin downloading our software, you first see a box that looks like this:

Click Run to begin downloading the setup file to a temporary folder.

Then you might see a box that looks like this:

This is a common message users will receive when trying to run an executable file (".exe") directly from the internet:

  1. When using Internet Explorer.

  2. While an anti-virus software is running on their machine.

Just click Run and let the software continue installing. All of our software are self-encapsulated programs; they install to one folder only and do not use any other resources from your computer.

There are ways to remove this warning from future downloads. One way is to click Save (instead of Run) when downloading.  After the program is saved, go and double-click on the icon to run it and you will see a warning that looks like this:

This is the same warning as before, but this time it displays a check box that says "Always ask before opening this file".   Uncheck that box.

Another solution which works on Windows VISTA is as follows:

1. Click Start-->Run and type gpedit.msc. Click OK

2. Go to User Configuration-->Administrative Templates-->Windows Components-->Attachment Manager

3. Add "*.exe" to the "Inclusion list for moderate risk file types" setting. You can also add other file types.

This should disable the "Publisher Could Not Be Verified" messages from appearing for that file type in the future.

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