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Software prints black where it should print white

It prints black where it should print white or the printout is missing lines.  How can I make it print clearly?

I called Hewlett-Packard technical advice. They suggested if you are having problems printing, start backing up on the drivers. By that I mean use an earlier print driver. The base for almost all the newer HP machines is the HP 4 L driver. Install it and see if it clears up the problem. We have tested the software against all the HP 4, 5 and 1100 series as well as the 2 and the 1 and it works great.  If you are having problems installing a different print driver, just call or e-mail us and we can lead you through this.  It takes about 1-2 minutes to install an additional print driver. You don't delete your old driver, just install another one.

Lexmark printers sometimes invert the colors.  That is, it prints white text and black everywhere else.  Try loading a Postscript driver to resolve this. This is usually the magic driver that fixes almost any print related problem.  A PDF print driver will also do the job and there are lots of free PDF print drivers on the internet. We can help you find a PDF driver.

If you feel nervous about adding a print driver or can't find a driver that will work well with your printer, please call us. We have an arsenal of drivers at our disposal and we have a lot of notes of old technical support issues.  We can get you setup with a printer driver that will work perfectly with our software.

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