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Install PDF Print Driver

Creating a PDF file is easy to do.  The information here takes you through the steps to installing and using a PDF print driver with any of our software products.

0. Adobe Acrobat versus Adobe Reader

You do not need Adobe Acrobat to create or view a PDF file. You do need any version of Adobe Reader to view a PDF.  Adobe Reader is absolutely free and is probably pre-installed on your computer.

1. Downloading/Installing a PDF driver

There are lots of PDF drivers on the internet. A free PDF driver is located at ; visit that site and click on Downloads (at the top). Then download and install the Printer Driver and then the Free Converter.

2. Creating a PDF.

Once the PDF driver is installed, go into any of our software programs.  Click on File/Print.  A box will popup asking you what pages you want to print.  Select those pages and click Ok.  Another box will popup that looks like the following:

Select PDF995 as the printer and click the Print button.

Another box will then popup asking you where you want to save the file and the name of the file.

Click on the pdf995 folder and change that to Desktop (or any location where you would like to save the PDF file). Also, change the name from *.PDF to anyname.PDF and then click the Save button. The asterisk (*) character represents wildcard and it is important that you replace that character with a letter or digit.

Once the file is saved, go to your desktop (or location where you saved the PDF file) and double click on the PDF to view your document in Adobe Reader.

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