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Protect your interests - easily prepare your own Legal Forms with our comprehensive ready-made templates. Form Creator is a simple program which displays forms and their related prompts on the screen.  Simply answer the on-screen questions, then click a button to launch the completed form into the default word processor installed on your computer. Documents can be further edited, printed and saved for later revision. You may also edit the original form templates.

Add-on modules (or form packets) may be purchased separately. Our complete list of available packets is below:

  1. Commercial Lease  $79

    Generate quick repayment schedules. See a plot and basic features of the loan.

  2. General Business and Finance  $79

    File an unlimited number of Chapter 7 cases.  Includes the bonus forms and built in PDF driver. 
    Create PDF files the quick and easy way.  Electronic Case Filing is a breeze!

  3. Landlord, Tenant  $79

Avoid hours of research and time developing your own documents.  All of our products are developed by a team of attorneys and professionals dedicated to simplifying the needs of your practice.  Our forms are always the most current available and the original templates are editable.

All of our software functions on any Windows operating system. The software has been tested on Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, ME (millennium edition), XP, 2003 and Windows Vista. The software functions on networks or stand-alone personal computers and is compatible with all printers.


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