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l software has been tested on Windows 95, 98, CE, ME (millennium edition), NT, 2000, 2003, XP, VISTA and Windows 7.  The software functions on networks or stand-alone computers.  Common technical support questions are posted here. Please call (608-444-6575) or e-mail (info@lawfirmsoftware.com) if you have any problem downloading or installing software.

Each software program below is functioning in DEMO mode. When you order, we can quickly provide a passcode to activate the software.

Software for Attorneys and Professionals
  Bankruptcy Software

14.3 MB

Bankruptcy Case Software

0.8 MB

Proof of Claim, Official Form 10

Complies with the Interim Rules and Official Forms for The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005. Many updates including the most recent 2011 changes.

  Estate Planning Software

3.1 MB

Estate Planning Software

3.0 MB

Last Will & Testament Software

State specific and utilizes state-of-the-art document assembly technology to provide a flexible and individually customized estate planning package for each and every client.

  Estate Tax Return Software

6.1 MB

Form 706 Software

Our 706 Estate & Gift Tax Software makes preparation and filing of IRS Form 706 quick, accurate, and cost-effective.

  Export & Transportation Software

40.0 MB

Export & Transportation Software

Easy-to-use software for completing export and transportation forms including invoices, NAFTA forms, certificates of origin, packing lists, Shipper's Export Declarations (SED), waybills, dangerous goods forms and more. 

  Amortization & Loan Tracking Software
1.5 MB Amortization Schedule Software
1.5 MB Loan Tracker Software

Interest Calculations and Loan Amortization Software. Take your financial skills to new levels. No loan or lease is too complex. Detailed amortization schedules provide you with the interest and principal components you need. Totals can be displayed at selected intervals. You can even export amortization schedules to Microsoft Word or Excel.

  Other Software Titles
1.1 MB UCC Financing Statement (1998)
                     1.1 MB UCC Financing Statement (2002)
1.3 MB CJA Time & Billing Software


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