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General Business & Finance Packet
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Retail:  $99.95
This form-packet consists of the following documents:
Arbitration Agreement (Integrity Agreement)Arbitration Agreement (Integrity Agreement)
Affidavit of Lost DocumentsAffidavit of Lost Documents
Affidavit of Non-Court Creditor's ClaimAffidavit of Non-Court Creditor's Claim
Agreement to Allow Disclosure of Financial InformationAgreement to Allow Disclosure of Financial Information
Assumption of Obligations and Hold Harmless AgreementAssumption of Obligations and Hold Harmless Agreement
Bill of Sale (Motor Home)Bill of Sale (Motor Home)
Bill of Sale (Motor Vehicle)Bill of Sale (Motor Vehicle)
Bill of Sale (Personal Property or Goods)Bill of Sale (Personal Property or Goods)
Bill of Sale to Joint Tenancy (Personal Property or Goods)Bill of Sale to Joint Tenancy (Personal Property or Goods)
Certificate of Right to do Business under Alternative Name (DBA)Certificate of Right to do Business under Alternative Name (DBA)
Commercial Negotiable Promissory NoteCommercial Negotiable Promissory Note
Confidentiality AgreementConfidentiality Agreement
Consignment AgreementConsignment Agreement
Continuing GuarantyContinuing Guaranty
Contract (General Purpose)Contract (General Purpose)
Contractual Bill of RightsContractual Bill of Rights
Credit Application by BusinessCredit Application by Business
Credit Application by IndividualCredit Application by Individual
Credit Sale Transactional RecordCredit Sale Transactional Record
General and Mutual ReleaseGeneral and Mutual Release
General Provisions of Security Agreement (Addendum)General Provisions of Security Agreement (Addendum UCC-7)
Hold Harmless AgreementHold Harmless Agreement
Limited GuaranteeLimited Guarantee
Notice of Cancellation of Home SolicitationNotice of Cancellation of Home Solicitation
Notice of Default or Breach of AgreementNotice of Default or Breach of Agreement
Notice of Default of Debtor (UCC-15)Notice of Default of Debtor (UCC-15)
Notice of Termination of DBANotice of Termination of DBA
Pledge Security Agreement (UCC-9)Pledge Security Agreement (UCC-9)
Revocation of GuaranteeRevocation of Guarantee
Truth-in-Lending Negotiable Promissory NoteTruth-in-Lending Negotiable Promissory Note

Our easy to use General Business & Finance Packet is designed to streamline the preparation and customization of various types of general purpose agreements. Enter necessary information once and it is automatically inserted throughout the form wherever the information is relevant. The final results are accurate signature-ready documents prepared in minutes!

Test drive a fully functioning FREE version of our Form Creator Software now. It comes preloaded with our sample series packet of forms.

  General Business Software Features
  • Try before you buy! (demo includes functioning sample forms)
  • Edit, save & retrieve client information
  • Customize and edit final documents in your word processor
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Designed for Microsoft Windows XP/2000 Me/NT/98 or 95
  Also Included with Software Purchase
  • 90-Days Technical Support (Phone & E-mail)
  • 90-Days of Upgrade Assurance
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


Quickly and easily save and retrieve client data. Need to make a change, simply update the information from within the Form Creator Software and the newly updated information will appear throughout the form and reduce repetitive typing.


Export Agreement forms in either Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfectCustomize and edit your final documents in any word processor.

Because the documents are viewed directly in the word processor you use everyday, there is no cumbersome learning curve.  Simply view, edit, print and save the document just like you would any other. Finalized documents can then be printed or e-mailed for review. To make changes, simply open the document to make the necessary modifications and re-save, it's that simple!


90-days of Technical Support included with purchase. We have an excellent database of notes, technical articles & tutorials to help make your experience with our software an enjoyable one. Submit questions via email or if you're still experiencing difficulty you may speak with one of our friendly and courteous support representatives.


That's right, we are so confident that you will be happy with our General Business & Finance Packet Series Software that we guarantee it for a full 30-days from the date of purchase!


Simple design. Type information on the screen exactly as you would type on the form itself. There are many ways to avoid redundant typing.

All of our software functions on any Windows operating system. The software has been tested on Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, ME (millennium edition), XP and 2003. The software functions on networks or stand-alone personal computers and is compatible with all printers.



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